So how does it all work?

Well the simple answer is our bar will cost you £250 for your event. This includes all relevant and necessary licences, fully qualified staff and a Manager on site throughout your event, plus glassware hire too!  After that the options are there for you to pick what works for you and your budget.

Pay as you go!

Your guests pick their drink and pay there and then, we accept cash and debit/credit cards - this allows you the comfort of providing guests with a full bar experience with minimal costs to you.

*Initial Hire charge applies to all our bookings.

Half Measure

You tell us how much of a free bar you wish to run, once we hit the limit we then revert to pay as you go, don't hit the limit? You get the refund - happy days!

*Initial Hire charge applies to all our bookings.

Open Bar!

We supply your guests with a wide variety of choice agreed in advance with you, they are not charged per drink, a running tab is kept and then settled at the end of the night by cash or card.


*Initial Hire charge applies to all our bookings.

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